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It all starts in the Earth and ends in the glass.


We produce quality wines, without artifice.

To produce quality wine, you need quality grapes.

Lasting on average three weeks, the harvest generally begins at the end of August.

We harvest the grapes at optimal maturity. We harvest by hand, in boxes to guarantee the integrity of the berries. Only perfectly healthy bunches are collected.

The grapes are then quickly transported to the cellar where they are destemmed (except for Carignan which is vinified using carbonic maceration), unpressed and then placed in a fermentation vat where they macerate for between ten days and three weeks depending on the profile of the wine. In order to best express the grape variety and the terroir, we favor native yeasts present on the grapes and in the cellar.

Our wines are neither fined nor filtered; which gives them greater amplitude, concentration and length in the mouth.

In order to respect the daily care given to the vines throughout the year, we vinify the wines as naturally as possible, intervening as little as possible and limiting inputs as much as possible.

Each grape variety is vinified separately, so we can adapt the blend of each vintage in relation to the climatic influence on each vintage and thus preserve the spirit of the vintage.

A very small dose of sulfur is sometimes added before bottling.


Our vintages pay homage to our terroir and our bestiary which are the soul of our VitiFarm®.

This is why their names are evocative of the soil: La Coulée des Schistes, of the place: La Rabidote, of our heart grape variety: Carignan 1910 and of our animals: Beauvin, Le Cochon Lunatique, Bêtes and Mes Champs.


We hope that our wines will give you emotion when tasting.

Let us introduce you to our range.

Vins authentiques issus du terroir de schistes de Saint-Cuvée Etiquette changeante chaque année avec une représentation d'un objet ou d'un moment fort du Millésime


Expression Terroir de Schistes  

Authentic wines from the Saint-Chinian shale terroir

Inspiration Nature



100% natural wines labeled Vin Method Nature


Révélation des Sens

Rare wines from plot selections with aging

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