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Our beliefs push us to work our environment with respect. So, we took several measures:

- Use of only solar energy for our entire farm.

- Water management, including, among other things, the recovery of rainwater for all agricultural work.

- Management of cellar effluent mainly thanks to a bamboo grove.

- No use of synthetic products, pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard and cellar.

- Waste management and sorting.

- Purchase of dry materials (bottle, cardboard, label, cap and capsule), 100% recyclable.


All these measures are also part of a logic of respect for the consumer.


By creating LANYE-BARRAC VitiFarm® in 2015, our biodynamic wine farm in the heart of the Saint-Chinian shale terroir, we chose regenerative viticulture in the service of life.

Overview of agroecological practices to adapt to climate change.


Our project !


An experimental vine to face climate change


Finding solutions to climate change is a priority for us.

Since 2015, extraordinary weather episodes (hail, floods, mildew, heatwave) have followed one another in Languedoc, resulting in an annual loss of grapes of up to 70%.

Biodiversity being essential to the life of an ecosystem, the project is to uproot a plot of vines to replant Carignan; between the rows of vines, immortelle and aromatic plants of the scrubland (thyme, rosemary) which will coexist with Mediterranean trees and shrubs (almond trees, real pistachio trees and olive trees). The plot will be surrounded by fruit hedges. Excellent natural fences, hedges shelter nest boxes and insect nests. They provide flight corridors for birds, limit the spread of vine diseases and prevent soil erosion.

Sustainable development commitment:

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