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"Our animals graze,
pre-prune and fertilize our plots"


A rustic livestock adapted to the hillsides.

Planted on hillsides 150 to 300 m above sea level, the majority of our plots cannot be mechanized.

Also, in order to control the grass cover of the vines and carry out pre-pruning work, working with animals seemed obvious to us. The mountainous terrain and the poverty of the soil, and therefore of the weeds, have guided us towards rustic and light breeds. They are able to make do with little and withstand the sometimes harsh winters and the intense summer heat.

We have chosen to diversify the animal species: Galloway cows, Provence donkeys, Camargue horses and Merino sheep.

Each feeds on different plant strata and in turn brings specific organic matter to the earth and helps to regenerate the soil.

We seek a balance between the areas available for grazing and the size of our herds. The animals are in the vineyards during the winter (from the end of September to the beginning of April) and the rest of the time in the moors and the forest.

Flora, fauna, minerals and humans interact in the vineyard and in the cellar.

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