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Intensity Andelegance|Von call|Vin gastronomy 


A.O.P  Siant-chinian Roquebrun


Syrah 30%Mourvèdre 25%Grenache 25%Carignan 20%


1200 bottles / vintage


Wine noyeasted, not stuck, no filtered

Manual harvest in boxes.Vinification with native yeasts.A very small dose of sulfur is added before putting it into place.bottle.


Exceptional vintage, BEAUVIN comes from the blend of a plot selection of old vines fromSyrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Carignan planted on hillsideswith shale facing due south. His winemaking is very meticulous. Harvested and sorted by hand, the grapes are destemmed but nottrodden. After ten to fifteen days of fermentation, a ten-day maceration follows in order toto get a jpress us concentrated and suitable for aging. High for ten-eight months in half-400 liter muids, BEAUVIN reveals all the harmony betweenfinesse and elegance of the schist terroir and the supple and silky tannins of the wood.


Agreements food and wine

Intense and elegant, BEAUVIN presents a great concentration with aromas ofstewed red fruits. To offer or to treat yourself, this wine will accompany your mealsparty with family or friends.To be enjoyed with refined dishes, quality red meats (tournedos, filletbeef, ribe of beef) followed by a beautiful platter of hard cheeses(county, volume).


Ideal temperaturetasting

Serve between15and 18°C. DecanterBEAUVIN before tasting it to let the aromas express themselvesfully.



Suitable for aging for around ten years.


Our advice

In order to preserveBEAUVIN under optimal conditions, storeTHEwinelying down protected from light, heat and temperature variations.

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