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Le Cochon Lunatique rouge

Le Cochon Lunatique rouge

Easy to drink and light | Drink now | Pleasure wine


A.O.P Saint-chinian


Grenache 50% Carignan 40% Syrah 10%


Wine noyeasted, not stuck, no filtered, naturally cloudy


Manual harvest in boxes. Vinification with native yeasts.


The Lunatique Pig was born in 2017 after an initial inconclusive experience of raisingpigs on ourVitiFarm®. Of moody character and experts in creating problems onexploitation... the pigs have finishedon our plates! 


LE LUNATIC PIG is a tightrope walker. It requires infinite precision in order to develop it withoutolfactory or gustatory drift. A wine without artifice, it is vinified using a natural method, unyeasted, unfined andunfiltered. According to biodynamic practices, it is bottled on a fruit day of the lunar calendar in order toto assert its typical fresh fruit character.It is a healthy and lively wine, very fruity and slightly spicy,easy to drink and good length in the mouthche.


Agreements food and wine

Light, crunchy and easy to drink, LE LUNATIC PIG shared between friends(like pigs) around platters of pork and grilled meatsbarbecue.


Ideal temperature tasting

Serve between 14 and 16°C. Ventilate LE LUNATIC PIG atusing an aerating jug or pouring spoutaerator to let the aromas express themselves fully.



To drink when young, within 2 years.


Our advice

In order to preserve LE LUNATIC PIG under optimal conditions,store the wine lying down, away from light, heat and variations in temperature.temperature.

  • Delivery per box of 6 bottles

    If you would like to order a mix of different vintages, this is possible by email to please.


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